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Soda soda price trend and market forecast

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Soda soda price trend and market forecast

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Soda soda manufacturers: Soda soda prices are basically stable this week.

In recent years, customer sentiment of stock-up is rising, and last week customer stock-up is nearing the end.

Qinghai's price has been adjusted from 1700 to 1600 yuan. At the weekend, less than 1600 yuan has appeared in the market. Due to transportation problems, 37,000 tons of stock have been put in stock; 50,000 tons; 40,000 tons in Kunlun; and 30,000 tons in salt lake. Sanyou started work normally, the price remained around 2000 yuan, and the inventory reached 10,000 tons.

Alkali started 70% of the plant, the price maintained about 2,000 yuan, and the stock was 4,000 tons. Dahua delayed driving time, and it is expected that it will be normal in the next year. Haihua quotation unchanged 2120 yuan factory, and customers negotiate pricing, price flexibility, the end of the month has been settled, the price of about 2050 yuan factory, inventory of 20,000 tons. Haitian quotation unchanged 20150 yuan, discussing pricing with customers, closing at the end of the month, stock 4000 tons.

In northern Jiangsu, Lianyungang keeps its price around 2000 yuan and its stock is 10,000 tons. The price of Fengcheng is 1800 yuan and the stock is tight. Shilian 1830 yuan factory, end-of-year price callback 1850 yuan factory, inventory of about 10,000 tons, heavy alkali no inventory. Huabang is out of the factory at 1830 yuan, and its delivery is tight. Kunshan in southern Jiangsu Province is priced at 1850-1870 yuan, with an inventory of about 5000 tons. Huachang is out of the factory at 1850 yuan. Hongsifang province quoted 1830 yuan to leave the factory, the shipment is normal. Debon equipment has been started, soda products are not normal, this tender for building materials has participated, winning about 6000 tons.

Junhua price is flexible, 1750-1780 yuan factory, normal shipment. Anpeng 1750 yuan factory, shortage of supply, mid-year stock preparation year after the start of maintenance, crystal 1750 yuan factory, shortage of supply. The price of Xindu remained stable at 1830 yuan and shipped flexibly. Double Ring Price Adjustment 1800 yuan left factory, normal shipment. Jinghao equipment is unstable and maintenance is maintained. The price of Nan-alkali is higher than 2300 yuan and the supply is tight.

Last week, the glass conference was held in Shahe. The main manifestation of the conference was that glass manufacturers expressed pessimistic opinions on the market. After the meeting, all glass manufacturers stopped delivering goods, resulting in a sudden sharp drop in the price of heavy alkali in the market. The subsequent bidding of Chinese building materials will reflect it incisively and vividly. The price of heavy alkali dropped about 200 yuan, and the future market is not optimistic.

Starting this week, vehicles will be discontinued one after another. Prices of manufacturers will not be adjusted. Terminal customers will also stop stocking up before the end of the week. The market will stabilize in a year's time.

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