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Health hazards of soda ash and instructions for its use

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Health hazards of soda ash and instructions for its use

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Soda ash has weak irritation and corrosiveness. Direct contact can cause skin and eye burns. In caustic soda plants, inhalation of dust and smoke during production can cause respiratory irritation and conjunctivitis, as well as nasal mucosal ulcer, atrophy and perforation of nasal septum. Eczema, dermatitis, chicken-eye ulcer and skin relaxation can occur after prolonged exposure to the product solution. The incidence of respiratory diseases among workers exposed to the product increased. Mistaken medication can cause digestive tract burns, mucosal erosion, bleeding and shock.



Before contact with soda ash, we should know the instructions for the use of soda ash.

1. Wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves.

2. After accidental contact with eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately and seek the doctor's advice.

3. Do not inhale dust.

4. Wear appropriate protective clothing.

5. Wear goggles or masks.

6. It is harmful to swallow.

7. Stimulate the eyes.

8. It is toxic to aquatic organisms and may have long-term adverse effects on water environment.

9. Stimulate eyes, respiratory system and skin.

10. Stimulate the respiratory system and skin.

11. Serious damage to eyes.

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