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Granular alkali

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Granular alkali

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Industrial caustic soda industry of caustic soda manufacturers has always been very widely used, and there are also very large emergency measures in water treatment industry. Here we will analyze and introduce to you:

In the water treatment industry, it is widely used as neutralizer and in the manufacture of various sodium salts, soaps, papermaking, cotton, silk, viscose, rubber products regeneration, metal cleaning, electroplating, bleaching and so on. It has strong corrosiveness and special requirements.

Operators are vulnerable, requiring them to wear protective clothing and protective clothing before going to work, and requiring companies to provide shower and eye washing equipment. Alkali metal in production process is easy to leak, which is used to deal with alkali leakage in emergencies. Isolate leaked contaminated areas and restrict access. It is suggested that emergency personnel wear dust-proof masks and acid-proof clothes. Do not touch broken containers and spills before wearing proper protective clothing. Cut off the source of leakage as far as possible. Cover spills with plastic sheets to reduce splash. Do not let water enter the container. Use clean shovels to collect leaks and place them in clean, dry, loosely covered containers to remove them from the leaking area.

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