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caustic soda

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In the process of producing tabular caustic soda, the heated caustic soda is evaporated first, concentrated to a certain concentration, and then treated subsequently.

The traditional pot method is to heat the caustic soda pot directly with fire. Coal incineration is incomplete. Ash and dust deposits are accumulated in the furnace and the caustic soda pot. The heat transfer power is low. In order to save energy, three-pot method is usually used: preheating pot, boiling pot and color pot.

Sheet alkali molten salt heating device is a coal-based molten salt heating system, which is used to control the molten salt temperature to reach the concentrator to meet the process requirements of high concentration units. The molten salt from coal enters the furnace at 430 C required by the concentrator. When molten salt comes out of the high concentration device, the temperature is 400 C, and gravity flows into the molten salt tank. The molten salt is then transported through a molten salt pump to circulate the entire molten salt system. The high temperature flue gas from the molten salt furnace enters the steam generator, and after cooling by the air preheater enters the water film dust collector. After flue gas dust removal, desulfurization enters the induced draft fan, and air is introduced through the induced draft fan.

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